Breathe Life Into Your Existing Pool’s Finish With MicroGlass

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We are constantly speaking with home owners about remodeling their existing pools. There is nothing quite like giving your pool a fresh finish to extend its life and protect your family's investment into their private oasis.  However, there might be a better solution if your pool's finish is not at the level of needing a complete remodel.  

Before MicroGlass: This pool's finish is beginning to fade and flake.  

After MicroGlass: The pores & holes created by chemicals & natural wear have been filled & protected.  Extending the life of this pool's finish. 

The quick solution to protect your pool's finish and make it look new again is a revolutionary solution called MicroGlass.  In the St. George market, Blue Glass is a licensed applicator of the MicroGlass solution.  We have seen it improve pool's surfaces and finishes at a fraction of the cost of a full blown remodel.  Below are a few benefits of MicroGlass: 

  • Strengthen Your Finish: Enhance the longevity and robustness of your pool's plaster, quartz or pebble finish, ensuring it withstands the test of time 
  • Chemical Shield: Safeguard your pool or spa against the corrosive impact of salt, acid and chlorine, minimizing the potential for chemical-related damage.  
  • Preserve Colors: Shield against color fading, maintaining the visual allure and vibrancy of your pool for an extended period. 
  • Simplify Cleaning: with MicroGlass protection, stains become more manageable to remove, whether through the use of chemicals or regular brushing. 
  • Clarify Chemistry: MicroGlass minimizes calcium leaching, streamlining the water environment and making it easier to achieve and maintain a balanced chemical composition. 

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