Swimming Pool Repair Service

Your swimming pool provides relaxation, exercise, and entertainment during those hot summer months in Southern Utah. However, like every major feature on your property, your swimming pool needs regular maintenance and the occasional repair to stay in top condition. 

If you’re looking for a professional swimming pool repair service in the St. George area, consider Blue Glass Pool Plastering. We’ll help bring your pool back to its former glory. We offer pool repair and plastering services throughout Washington County.

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Blue Glass Pool Repairs

We offer a variety of swimming pool repair services to keep your pool in tip-top shape.

Cosmetic Pool Repairs

Over time, a pool's plaster can become worn and faded, chipped and cracked, reducing its visual appeal. 

There are a lot of options for giving your pool’s aesthetics an upgrade. Resurfacing your pool with a new finish or adding decorative tiles can make all the difference. 

Replacing worn or cracked tiles not only makes your pool look new but also protects you and your guests from cuts and scratches. Plus, resurfacing your pool’s plaster can help protect it from harsh chemicals and the elements. We focus on replastering but are glad to help you address any additional pool concerns, including the following.

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LED Light Replacement

Replacing underwater LED lights will help restore that mesmerizing ambiance during an evening swim.

Leak Patching

Even a small leak can significantly impact your water level, wasting water and money. Let Blue Glass identify and fix the source of leaks.

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Causes of Leaks

Neglected leaks can turn into further damage and more costly future repairs. A professional pool repair service has the expertise to locate the source of the leak and determine the best course of action to fix it.

Cracked or Damaged Shell

Over time, ground movement or extreme temperature changes can lead to cracks in your pool’s shell. These cracks allow water to seep out of your pool. Often, these leaks go unnoticed until they’re significant enough to cause a drop in the water level.

With our professional swimming pool repair service, we’ll carefully inspect the pool shell and perform the necessary repairs to ensure it remains watertight.

Plumbing Problems

A swimming pool’s plumbing system is responsible for proper water circulation and filtration. Occasionally, plumbing problems like clogged pipes or faulty valves need to be addressed.

The pipes and fittings that circulate water in and out of the pool can deteriorate over time, leading to leaks

Improperly Functioning Filtration

Your pool’s filtration system can strain the plumbing if it isn’t functioning correctly, which can also cause leaks.

Pump Problems

The pool pump is the heart of any swimming pool and is responsible for circulating the water and maintaining proper filtration. Issues with the pump can contribute to leaks and other problems.

At Blue Glass Pool Plastering, our dedicated swimming pool repair services focus on restoring the beauty and functionality of your pool's existing components. We understand that homeowners want to minimize major alterations to their pool's structure or appearance, and we strive to deliver solutions that meet these needs.

We believe minor repairs and updates can go a long way in improving the lifespan and enjoyment of your pool without the inconvenience of major construction.

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We’re Blue Glass Pool Plastering

At Blue Glass, we specialize in pool and spa plastering and repair in St. George, Utah, and the rest of Southern, Utah. We understand the importance of cost-effective repairs to maintain your pool’s structural integrity and aesthetic appeal.

Let Blue Glass help bring your pool back to peak condition. Contact us to get a free estimate for your pool repair!